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Mahatet Masr

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New topic every episode discussing new areas and creating competitions between listeners.

اليسا تتالق بحفل الاسكندرية بحضور كبير

اليسا ومسار اجبارى فى اول حفلات الصيف بالاسكندرية احيا النجمة اللبنانية إليسا حفل غنائي ضخم بالاسكندرية بمشاركة فرقة مسار اجبارى ونظمة شركة بلو اوشن الذى قامت بتجهيزات مميزا فى اول حفلات الصيف اقيم الحفل داخل Alex We

A few Words About Mahtet Misr

Radio Mahatet Masr was Founded and started broadcasting in the 29th of January 2009, By the Famous Presenter Osama Mounir , it is the leading & the first online radio station in Egypt. The official opening was on February the 8th 2009 Interviewing Super Star Mustafa Amar.

Radio Mahatet Masr is offering a variety of programs, these programs cover news, culture, play Egyptian and foreign music, and feature talk shows, providing a wealth of entertainment and news & all types of music you love . Live from Egypt ...Feel Egypt at Radio Mahatet Masr

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